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Catatumbo and frequent storm activity

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    A region of Venezuela has a high incidence of recurrent thunderstorm activity.

    It is apparently a unique set of conditions - a lake surrounded by mountains, where winds blow in from the ocean, and the warm moist air combined with moisture from evaporation from the lake interacts with cooler air from the Andes.
    Read more: http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/cl...illion-lightning-strikes-a-year#ixzz38MMUqwDC
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    Wow is that wild! Sounds like they should turn it into a tourist attraction!
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    isn't !!

    was reading about that a week or so ago
    apparently there's been only one documented period when it stopped happening

    from wiki
    will have to put it on my list of storm photography places to visit :smile:

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