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Centrifugal force on rotating blades

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    Hi everyone,

    I've got a set of airfoil blades here which are homogenious and have a constant profile (x-section). Each blade is of equal length (as should be).
    What would the best way be to calculate the centrifugal force on the blade root as a result of constant angular speed? say o - rads/s

    I've just gotten a little confused about involving the 'centre of gyration'.


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    If you can calculate the average force throughout the blade, and multiply by the length of the blade, that will give you the total force, all of which is felt at the root of the blade.
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    Easy, since blade is constant section, estimate the centre of mass position and treat the root forces/stresses as if the mass was concentrated at the mass centre - ie CF = Mass.Omega^2.Radius.
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    I have recently came across a test - "Maximum regulating test" with a limit of +/- 15000 kilo-pound been performed on axial fans. Can anyone explain me what this test is all about & how it is performed.
    Thanks in advance.
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