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Centrino and P4 mobile

  1. Dec 7, 2003 #1
    We have PC Fair this month, many offers of desktop and notebook.
    For notebook, centrino one is 30% more expensive than P4 mobile, but the speed of centrino is slower.
    I need a notebook for future longhorn and .NET programming, is a normal P4 is enough to support my need? Do i need special gadget for wireless online ?

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    Wow, that post is seriously a contradiction... You know there's a difference between Longhorn and .NET, but not of the discrepancies between P4 and centrino.

    Centrino is based on a Pentium-M integrated processor. This was designed from the ground-up to be completely mobile, as opposed to the P4-M, which is just a low-power version of the P4. The differences are thusly:
    Centrino does more work per tick (the ol' 2ghz Athlon XP 3000 Barton vs P4 3ghz syndrome) than the p4-m
    Centrino has a much lower power consumption (loosely because of the need for less ticks, which enables it to have fewer transistors, which means less power...)

    So most definitely P4 would be enough power, but don't knock the centrino (or anything else for that matter) until you read up on it.

    Kind of a lateral example: (prices are probably far off, but you get the idea)
    A 2.2ghz celeron laptop may cost $1000, while a P4 1.8ghz may cost $1500, but I'd much rather work on a 1.8ghz P4.

    And just for reference, a 1.4ghz p-m benches at about the same point as a 2.4ghz p4-m.
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