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Ceramic cutting tool

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    Hello everyone,
    I have a few questions about ceramic cutting tools. What properties should a ceramic cutting tool (for lathe or shaper) must have? What tests should be performed on the material/tool? Where can I find details about those test? What are the ASTM stadard for those tests? I would be grateful if you could tell me the ASTM standard numbers also.
    Thank you
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    Perhaps some information would be available in one's textbook.

    High strength, high fracture toughness, hardness and wear resistance are desirable properties for machining tools. Basically, the material cannot deform and must retain sharpness. This is why high strength alloy (e.g. steel) cutting tools are often coated with ceramics or diamond.

    ASME has a number of standards on cutting tools.

    Society of Automotive Engineering (SME) may also have standards.

    I don't believe ASTM has specific standards on cutting tools, but they do have a committed C28 on Advanced Ceramics and G02 on Wear and Erosion.

    Nevertheless -

    http://www.astm.org/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/COMMIT/CUSTOM1/C28.htm?L+mystore+spak3954+1168220318 [Broken]
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    thank you very much
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