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Changing field of study

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    I have bachelor of science in Naval Architecture and i want to study mechanical engineering "Thermo fluids" for Msc,my question is:
    because i have bachelor of Naval Architecture,i have not passed about half of lessons mechanical engineers pass during their study.so i think i need to read some of mechanical engineers lessons before applying for "Thermo fluids",what are this lessons that i must read so that i will not face with any big problem during my Msc?
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    What kind of physics/math background do you have? I didn't take any engineering courses as an undergrad and I've had no trouble with graduate level mechanical engineering courses, but I had a strong background in physics and math.
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    my background in math and physics are lessons i have passed in my bsc:
    general math 1
    general math 2
    differential equations
    engineering mathematics
    general physics 1
    general physics 2
    some other lessons i have passed in Naval architecture:
    fluid mechanics 1 & 2
    heat transformation 1

    what was your background in math and physics?
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    I am new at this forum and need all of your knowledge to share. Thanks
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    Was "general physics" a calculus based course? You seem to have a pretty good background. It would help to take courses in solid mechanics and strength of materials if you haven't already.
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