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Changing undergraduate lab groups?

  1. Sep 16, 2014 #1
    I'm currently working in a very reputable lab and am wondering if it would be wise to switch to a smaller lab if the opportunity were to arise.

    The reason I am considering this is because in my current lab I do mostly programming and some 3d modelling.

    Whereas perhaps in a smaller lab I can be given a more involved project to work on.

    Pretty much, what would be more appealing to future graduate schools, a letter of recommendation from a well known person, or independent research experience?
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    Letters of recommendation are very important and there should be a major change in your research success by switching labs, so unless you really hate the research your current lab is doing, don't switch.
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    Thanks a lot. I actually really like the lab I'm in, I just didn't want to hurt my chances later on by not doing my own research topic.
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    Well you are still technically doing research. It may even be better to do it with some guidance rather than by yourself.
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    There's advantages and disadvantages to both options. The fact that you like what you're doing now is a major advantage though. I would hesitate to give that up.
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