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Charge a capacitor with minima dissipation

  1. Sep 2, 2007 #1
    I need to design a circuit to charge a capacitor with minima loss of dissipation through resistance. Any idea?
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    SMPS ( Switched Mode Power Suplies ) charges capacitors through inductors and they have an efficiency of 90-95%.
    Using resistances, you lost half the power in the resistance, as stated in another thread not may days ago.
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    Thank you. That is new to me and the circuit setup looks quite complicated, at least from what I saw on the net. Is there a simple circuit with inductor? Actually, all I need is a setup with minimum components that allows me to store more energy than dissipated. An efficiency of anything >50% will work. Thank you.
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    The simplest circuits will be using the Simple Switcher series of DC-DC converters from National Semiconductor:


    Look up the application information and reference designs (and design calculators) for the "Buck" regulators -- those are the ones that take in one voltage, and regulate it down to a lower voltage using a switching transistor, an inductor, a flywheel diode, and feedback.
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    Thank you. Any more simpler idea to achieve just a >50% power efficiency.
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