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Charge balance in the universe?

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    Hello, what is the assumed balance between neg, pos and nuetral charge in the whole universe? Does it balance out to nuetral?

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    I think it fluctuates over time, But in its start state and end state it is neutral. Just a guess though dont quote me on it. :)
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    Current theory is that it is neutral overall, although there may be local fluctuations.
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    I think I remember reading what mathman said. I'm not sure why it's that way, though.
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    I think the opposite. Since charge conservation is observed in all (correct me if I'm wrong) experiments to date, including those of particle accelerators, the total charge of the universe must remain constant. There is a possibility for fluctuations to occur in some regions due to flow of charge into or out of said regions.

    As for the initial net charge of the universe, I don't know...
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