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Charge distribution inside an electron

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    Is the charge distribution of an electron uniform, or is there more charge concentrated near the center or perimeter?
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    There are no indications of any size of an electron, and even for new models I am not aware of any good theory that would allow to discuss something like a charge distribution of an electron.
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    If the charge is distributed in a non-uniform way, it should have an electric dipole moment with perhaps more charge on one side compared to the other. Experimentally, the electric dipole moment is too small to measure in all experiments to date. The Particle Data Group publishes its value as (0.07±0.07)×10−26 e·cm. Notice this range includes 0. No dipole moment still does not answer your question, it just assures you it is evenly distributed.

    Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_electric_dipole_moment
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