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Charge Distribution on Two Neighboring Conductors

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    Say you have two spherical conductors, of radius r, centers a distance d apart. Both have charges of +Q. What are the charge distributions on them?

    My physics book more or less handwaves and says it'll be more or less unaffected, but is there a way to solve this exactly?
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    I haven't solved an problems like that in many,many years...but I can provide a bit of an insight:

    are these solid or hollow conductors.....?

    anyway, Say d is much, much greater than r....there should be a uniform distribution on each sphere...now bring them close together, say d is just a bit bigger than 2 r so they are close.....like charges will repel somewhat at the closest point, less so further...so it sure
    seems like the charge distribution WILL change....I disagree it would be "unaffected".
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    Meir Achuz

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    This problem can be solved with a sequence of image charges. It gets quite complicated, but for d>>a, the series converges fast.
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