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Check out my dog!

  1. Jul 9, 2010 #1
    Here is a video I made of her: :smile:
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    It's a cute dog.
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    My girlfriend has a Cock-a-poo (half Cocker, half Poodle) and his barks can split one's eardrums! Her old Cocker Spaniel (Dynamite for short) was a protectorate of mine (from Lois Armstrong, the Cock-a-poo, who would shriek right into her ear).
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    It's a canine.
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    Beagles seem to have a thing for distant sirens we can't often hear.
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    She's a cutie. The big paws foretell future growth!
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    Is that true? I had a very large Am. Softcoated Wheaten Terrier that died, oh, 1,5 years ago. She had enormous paws as a pup.
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    When a pup has huge feet, it's a pretty good indicator that they will have to grow into them. If a pup has small feet (especially handy indicator for mixed-breeds) they will probably not grow up to be very large dogs. Even if they look to have a hound-shepherd background, if they have small feet, they'll probably end up being 30-35# or so when they are grown.
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    That is adorable, I hope you and your fur friend, have many years of happiness.
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    I depends on the breed, too. My chocolate lab had enormous feet as an adult, complete with webbed toes of course :biggrin:. Despite being ~95 lbs she never grew her body to be in the correct proportion, they always looked preposterous. Strangers would comment on their size.
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    Not quite having forgotten mommy, has she?
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