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Chem Eng rate of heat transfer qts

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    Heat Transfer Qts
    Engine oil at 60 oC flows over flat plate whose temperature is at 20 oC with a velocity of 2 m s-1. The length of the plate is 5m. What is the film temperature and the rate of heat transfer per unit width of the entire plate?
    Additional information (at the film temperature):
    Thermal conductivity of oil: Prandtl number:
    Dynamic viscosity:
    k1 = 0.144 W m-1 K-1
    Pr = 2870
    u = 0.21 kg m-1 s-1

    Can't get a Reynolds number without density..
    Is film temperature 40 degrees Celsius????
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    Qts solved...
    Was right..lecturer wrong AGAIN..was then provided with engine oil density in qts
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