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Calculators Chemistry calculator

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    I was just wondering if there was a program/calculator of some sort, that can solve fx. redox reactions and so on. You know, the things you know how to solve, but it takes like forever - just like finding the determinant of a 8x8 matrix.
    Just something that would ease the pain a bit.

    I don't care if it costs money or so... Just have to be easy and good :)

    - Ylle
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    Here in the thumbnail is the entire program for creation of an 8 x 8 matrix, and the calculation of the determinant using TrueBasic Silver (the original Basic), still available at www.truebasic.com. I am using TB Silver.
    I hope this helps.
    Bob S

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    You must visit easycalculation(dot)com. I hope your problem will be solved.
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    Not sure what you mean, but at least I understand that you don't want something for matrices, but for chemistry...

    Check my site - www.chembuddy.com
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    ive never heard such kind of program/calculator.
    but there're a great deal of programs for chemical engineering.
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    check hysys software
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    the ti-89 can do most things for chemistry.
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