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Chess Programme

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    I've recently taken an interest in chess, and I am looking for a Free-downloadable-not illegal-chess game has anyone heard of one, I am considering purchasing chess master but I just want to see what is out there. I have found millions of free ones, but they are all trials! If I get good enough I hope to see you guys in the chess forum!

    I hope this is a legal thread in terms of PF guidelines, I just want to improve my chess :cool:

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    I like chessmaster 10th edition. I suspect that you won't be able to find any reasonable free software for learning chess.

    If you just want something to play against, GNU chess is pretty good. Possibly too strong if you're just learning. The main problem I remember having when looking for a chess program was finding one that could play to my level, without using the "play very well, but make really stupid blunders now and then" strategy. Chessmaster 10th edition, at least, seemed like my opponents were making somewhat more plausible mistakes in their play.
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    I would advise not to worry about chess programs. They are really not that good. yes they calculate all possible first moves and may surprise you many times but they are unable to work out strategic plans. This could lead to learning the wrong tactics.

    I would concentrate on studying the basic principles of chess, look how the real masters play. There is an abundance of chess opening explorers and you can always challenge me here.
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    Thanks you two, you raise a good point Andre, but when I'm bored I just fancy a quick game. I just want something to play against!

    Another question, I have looked at some famous openings but it seems that if the opposition doesnt have a clue, then alot of the time that opening just wont work! Are there any openers to get a quick advantage over newbies?
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    If you have a good idea about how to play a midgame and/or an endgame... then sitting at the table is enough of an opening to get an advantage. :wink:

    The big problem with focusing on the opening is that you won't understand the main ideas behind the opening... nor will you have much of an idea what to do when the opening is over.
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    Im having trouble downloading the bugger! I click download and then a list of 100 things come up, like readme, and other files!

    Okay, what way would you say is the best to improve? Just playplayplay? Is grandmaster chess, a good investment?
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    Nono. Don't forget that -say- the first ten or so possible moves all have been played many many times. There are several moves that may look good at first sight, but prove to be wrong a few moves later. Hence those moves are no longer popular in main stream, however newbees may re-invent them. Don't let them surprise you. You really need to know why those moves are wrong and a good chess opening explorer might help here.
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    id recommend chessmaster 10th edition really nice program
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    Cheers, Mjolnir! You a cricket player by any chance?

    Yeah, I am having trouble downloading the game Hurkyl suggested. I get to a screen where there are multiple things to download like a readme etc. There are like a hundred little files!
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    Chessmaster 10 is (as far as I know) not a free product -- I gave it a recommendation, because you said you were considering purchasing it.
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    All the PC class programs are very easy to beat if you know how. Just offer them a gambit. The programs will always jump at getting a piece up.
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    It isn't too expensive, I think I'll give it a go. Along with it I'll get a book of some sort. You say endings are probably a good place to start then?
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