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Chronology in the multiverse

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    Chronology in the multiverse....

    One version of the multiverse suggests that our bubble universe came from a progenitor universe and that our universe itself may have spawned progeny universes. Does this not imply a chronology outside of the spacetime continuum of our bubble universe?

    Please help me here because I understand time to exist only back to the singularity that created our universe. But, if there were a progenitor universe, would it not have its own space-time continuum that existed "before" ours?

    It seems to me that our concept of time applies only from within our universe and that an infinite continuum is needed to describe the chronology of bubble universes.
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    Yes, of course! Each "universe" has its own "space-time".
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    Thank you HallsofIvy,

    So each "universe" has its own "space-time", which means that our sense of time is relative to observers within our universe. The question then is about the chronology of multiple "universes" from parent universe to daughter universe. Is it not an infinite regress? An infinite number of bubble universes came before ours and our universe will spawn an infinite number of new universes? Can we even talk about time outside of a bubble universe?

    Also, I quite enjoyed the book "A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence Krauss, but I struggled with the idea because it seems inconsistent with the "bubble" universes that physicists like Michio Kaku describe. One bubble giving rise to the next seems not to be from "nothing" but from "everything"!!! Our universe may have a total energy of zero, but if spawned from a progenitor universe, then it can hardly be considered a universe from nothing.
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    We don't know. Such things are not observable, and any answer would be pure speculation.
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    What multiverse?
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    Eternal inflation is the main justification for a multiverse in comsology.
    According to this paper there is a first "pocket universe"
    However others dispute this;
    is one example.

    I hope that one day we will learn if the multiverse exists or not. But Im not holding my breath. Even if one day there is some experimental evidence to go over, I very much doubt it will resolve the above controversey.
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