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Homework Help: Circuit Analysis via Laplace Transforms :yuck:

  1. May 23, 2013 #1
    Hi there, I have my final in my circuit analysis class tomorrow morning(at a community college, it feels like two semesters worth of content was covered in 18 weeks). Last week, the teacher went over LaPlace Transform analysis rather quickly, and then onto basic digital logic. I do not understand either topic, digital logic is a little more simple to understand.

    does anyone have any online reading or good tutorial videos on this? I looked on youtube for it, but I didn't see any very helpful videos, they just started from the beginning and didn't give any context of where this stuff was coming from. My book is EXTREMELY vague. Absolutely no examples at all. My teacher did half of an example in class, and no one in my class understands what the heck is going on. I learned Laplace transforms in my differential equations class, and I understood it. But this stuff that we are asked to do now looks like poorly written Japanese in a Russian grammatical structure that is spoken with a heavy African accent to me.

    (here is the fun part, as far as I know, not a single soul in my class understands it, as I talked with a good majority of them today, and no one knows what the hell to do!)
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    Try google, you're sure to find oodles. :smile:
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    Well I tried that lol. I have sifted through class presentation after class presentation with not much to my benefit
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