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Circuit Breaker Ratings and Electrical Protection

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    I am student electrical engineer and I should probably know this stuff but I am trying to work out how to determine the required short circuit current rating of circuit breaker, I have seen in the Schneider Electric catalog 'determination of short-circuit current" using cable data and upstream short-circuit current information (which I cant find - Im assuming since this a standard commercial installation there is a Australian standard upstream SC rating for 22kV/415V transformer), there is also cascading(backup) and enhanced discirmination. I'm also concerned with all the 'other' protection terminology and requirements, earth fault loop impedance, overload current, disconnection times, RCDs, abnormal voltages, equipotential bonding etc.

    I have tried to go through the Australian Standards to determine how to determine the ratings for a standard commercial installation, but was hoping someone could enlighten me with a more succinct answer please!
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    jim hardy

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    see if there's a number for 'subtransient reactance' on that transformer.

    that should lead you to its short circuit performance.
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