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Circuit schematics for standard parts

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    Circuit schematics for "standard" parts

    Hi, I graduated from computer engineering, but I want to learn more about circuits. I did get the chance to play with Quartus 2 in some of my courses and I was wondering if there is a place where I can learn about the circuit schematics for the most popular parts in a circuit drawing. For examples, this all started when I wanted to see how a simple USB hub is drawn and found an article about how to build one, but it wanted me to order the TUSB2046 part from Texas Instrument. I googled that part and the drawing still gave me some "black boxes". Maybe those boxes are standard parts which every experienced electrical engineer understand, but I don't.

    I wonder if there is a place where I can learn about those basic boxes and every drawing is reduced to resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage source, etc... Thanks
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    Re: Circuit schematics for "standard" parts

    Perhaps if you linked to the diagram you didn't understand then someone maybe able to explain the diagram to you in a away that would make sense.

    Also a usb hub is pretty complex for its size so you will probably struggle to find a diagram that is reduced right down to basic discrete components. In fact in a sort of counter intuitive manner the diagrams made up of discrete components can often be harder to understand as it gets to a stage where you can't grasp every single action of the circuit that is happening simultaneously.
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    Re: Circuit schematics for "standard" parts

    Well, it's not one circuit in particular, but what kind of part are popular in general. I've seen in my courses adders, multiplexers, counters, ALUs, etc... I assume those are used fairly often aren't they? Are there other parts like that which are found in other devices often because they are useful. Those parts doesn't have to be simple like those I named above, but used often.
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    Re: Circuit schematics for "standard" parts

    My Quartus II 11.0 Web Edition came with some things, for example the ability to generate modules for arithmetic and processors. You can activate this functionality with the "Megafunction Wizard", which my be accessed via the tools menu.
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