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(Classical) electromagnetism on the web

  1. Sep 12, 2015 #1
    Hello. I am currently reading on electromagnetism in university. However, I feel that I sometimes get lost in the the math in an otherwise excellent book (Field and Wave Electromagnetics by David K. Cheng), so I would like to ask, if somebody knows a good, steady resource for understanding the different subjects in electromagnetism for mathematically lesser beings like me, since I have a hard time understanding many of the subjects intuitively. Khan Academy has been excellent for mathematics, but I feel there is something missing when it comes to electromagnetism.

    Thank you.
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    "Introduction to Electrodynamics" by D. Griffith is commonly used in the introductory level of electromagnetism.
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    Hello, and thank you both for the suggestions. I will definitely keep the online book in mind. I am not gonna buy another book, though (Class reference books are enough to empty most student pockets, including mine!), but I know the book by D. Griffith from other students in my university, who uses it in a different electromagnetism class. At least the cover. It is very similar but with a dark background. A close friend is taking this course, so I will definitely skim his and see if it will be good as a supplemental book to Chang's book!
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    Thank you very much! What I have looked through so far seems very well explained. Now I also know which classes to take later this year, haha. I think with all of these supplementary suggestions, it can't go too wrong.
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