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Closed Environment Sound at Light

  1. Jan 22, 2008 #1
    [SOLVED] Closed Environment Sound at Light

    I had an idea regarding sound at light speed. If you are in a closed box and are traveling at the speed of light and you flick your finger, since the oxygen is also traveling at the speed of light would it make a sound relative to your position. If so, would it be traveling faster than light? This is hypothetical of course, and I am curious after reading another topic like this.
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    Doc Al

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    First thing: You can't go at the speed of light, only arbitrarily close (even in a thought experiment). So let's say you and your box is moving at 0.9999c with respect to some frame of reference. The speed of the sound wave with respect to that same reference frame (at least the part going forward) will be greater than your speed, but still less than the speed of light.
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    Thanks Doc, mission accomplished!
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