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Cno cycle dense plasma focus fusion

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    hello, new to site. This is my first post. I just was wondering what any ones thoughts were on using the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen cycle in a dense plasma focus device to produce aneutronic fusion power.
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    The CNO process takes place at high temperatures in high density plasmas, the product of which produces high pressures beyond the capability of mechanical contraint.

    Ref: http://spiff.rit.edu/classes/phys230/lectures/stellar_energy/stellar_energy.html
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    thanks for the reply.
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    Why go there (CNO)

    The focus fusion are getting pretty close to success with their Boron -11 and Hydrogen fuel. Which doesn't require quite as high temperatures. For now at least why bother with other fuel cycles?
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    Superconductivity of plasma the solution to Focus Fusion?

    Superhot plasma has very good conductivity. As it heats up, it might be able to shrink away from a tokamak wall provided it has focus fusion current in it. This might solve containment issues as the plasma ring could then be quite tiny and isolated.

    For commercialisation, I imagined a nanotechnology tube (if it were possible) firing hydrogen at a slowish rate into the centre of the plasma dot.
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