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Homework Help: Combinatorial Proof

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    I have a bunch of equations that I must prove 'using combinatorics', which means double counting or some sort of bijective mapping. I haven't done this before, and I'd like to know, as an example, how the following can be proved 'combinatorially':

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    Notice the left hand side counts the number of bitstrings of length n + 1 containing m + 1 ones.
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    look at ways of choosing m+1 elements from n+1 objects.

    the series tells you that you sum up the ways of choosing m objects from m+i objects. but you want to choose m+1 objects; so what happens to the m+1th element?

    hint1: read the sum backward
    (i keeps decreasing, not increasing)
    hint2: choose 1 element first, then choose the other m elements.

    if that isn't enough,
    hint3: look at the position of the first element when choosing...
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    Shouldn't it be multiplied instead of summed?
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