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Comet C/2008 O2 McNaught photos?

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    Comet C/2008 O2 McNaught photos??

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering why there aren't any photos of this comet around. It's quite bright (7.2 mag) and its position is very favorable towards the observers on the northern hemisphere- near the pole, actually... Usually, there would be some galleries on the internet but i can't find any so it's bugging me and I do not know what to expect. Anyway, I will try to take some pictures of it tonight (weather-permitting) and then I will find out, hopefully...
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    Re: Comet C/2008 O2 McNaught photos??

    I'm not sure I would say 7.2 is all that bright. Through a reasonable size amateur telescope and camera, that probably means you can see the core, a little dust around it and no tail.
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