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Comparison of Cs, Sr and Pu fallout from meltdown

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    I combined three maps of Chernobyl fallout: Cs-137 map, Sr-90 map and Pu-239 map.
    Map scales are the same.
    Lowest contour levels for Cs and Sr are the same (1 Ci/km^2), Pu contour is ten times lower (0.1 Ci/km^2).
    This visually demonstrates that Cs is about ten times more widespread fallout component than Sr.

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    The original file is 12064 by 10320 pixels, forum engine downscaled it. Let me try a "thumbnail attach" option...
    nope, this still gives a downscaled image.
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    10x more than Pu?

    Color legend is yellow=Cs,Sr, red=Pu ?
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    No. The same territory is shown three times. (You can easily see the Kiev Sea in each map).
    Left map (yellow/red) is Cs.
    To the lower right of it is the smaller central region of the same map with Sr-90 - green/blue blob.
    On the right again the same territory with orange Pu-239 blob.
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