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Comparison(Phased arrays) your point of view required

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    Hi friends

    I need some very accurate and practical comparisons of

    Dipole constituted phased arrays


    Loop antenna ,Folded Dipole Antenna constituted phased arrays.

    we normally use half wave dipole antenna arrays......why dont other not much in practice??

    Plz reply details or upload a document purely on performance comparison.

    Best regards
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    Welcome to the Physics forums!! You raise some interesting questions. Actually, in practise, we do see phased folded dipole arrays. They are typically used in collinear or planar spiral arrangement at VHF and UHF wavelengths.

    Sorry I cannot help you with performance comparisons. If I needed to know this, my strategy would be to go to my nearest technical library and start pulling books in the EE section on antenna arrays. Last time I was at the library there were quite a few on that topic.

    Feel free to ask more questions, there are people here covering a broad area of expertise.
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