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Competing model on Firewall Paradox

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    "The fuzzball construction resolves the black hole information paradox by making spacetime end
    just before the horizon is reached. But if there is no traditional horizon, then do we lose the elegant
    relations of black hole thermodynamics? Using an argument similar to modular invariance, we argue
    that the answer is no; the completeness of fuzzball states implies that the generic fuzzball indeed
    reproduces the thermal properties attributed to the traditional hole".....

    .... Nicely done except for my allergies on extra dimensions IMO. Space-time itself ends just before what looks like the event horizon. Using a bit of imagination. It looks like a BH (outside observer).


    Planck star

    "A star that collapses gravitationally can reach a further stage of its life, where quantum-gravitational pressure counteracts weight. The duration of this stage is very short in the star proper time, yielding a bounce, but extremely long seen from the outside, because of the huge gravitational time dilation. Since the onset of quantum-gravitational effects is governed by energy density --not by size-- the star can be much larger than planckian in this phase."

    .... Very easy to get by even if the BOUNCE is unconventional (Bounce exceeds the speed of light).


    Final state boundary condition at the black hole singularity.

    "This proposal naturally resolves the black hole information puzzle in the following way.
    In the process of black hole evaporation, particles are created in correlated pairs with one
    falling into the black hole and the other radiated to in¯nity. The correlations remain even
    when the particles are widely separated. The ¯nal state boundary condition at the black
    hole singularity acts like a measurement that collapses the state into one associated with
    the infalling matter. This transfers the information to the outgoing Hawking radiation in
    a process similar to \quantum teleportation".

    "They're proposing that particles escaping from the event horizon can gather the information that's flowing back outwards almost instantly and carry it away. But... an observer falling in could notice the time shift when they entered the black hole, violating relativity.

    Our proposal is clearly very speculative, and we have not given any constructive method
    for computing the black hole final state."



    Ice wall?

    The quantum link forces particles near the wormhole's horizon into a particular quantum state, "freezing" them and giving away the horizon's location. "It's like having a signpost at the horizon, which is one thing we're not allowed to do," says Bousso.

    Any insight guys!
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