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Compile Python, Matlab and Python

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    1) I know that python is an interpreted language. But is there a way to compile to code to make it process faster?

    2) Suppose I have a huge array of data. I want to process it. If I were to run the process through python(with numpy and scipy), Matlab, and Mathematica which one would be able to process it the fastest?
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    You might look into http://psyco.sourceforge.net/ .
    I have no experience with it. Please report back if it works.

    I think the answer to this really depends on
    what specific tasks you want done
    and how optimized your program is [with respect to the platform chosen].

    You may have to also consider memory usage for your data (including data structures) and memory usage and overhead for the running program.
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    Thank you. Psyco looks very interesting. So does PyPy.

    Another question is:
    If compilers convert Java,C++,C to the same machine code(I don't know if they really do), and if I were to use a program to compile some Python file into machine code, could I use that code in some C++ application?
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    If you're looking to compile into an executable, and are on windows, check http://www.py2exe.org/

    What do you mean by use some python code in c++? If you mean to have your python script talk with your c++ program, you can simply have them communicate through sockets.
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