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Complex numbers: don't understand graph of 1/z

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    1/z is 1/(x+iy)

    however, i then multiply by the complex conjugate and get:


    now, how do i graph this?

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    What are you trying to graph? x versus y or what?
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    To fully graph it, you would need a 4-dimensional graph, with axes [tex]x,y,a,b[/tex], so that [tex]x+y\imath=\frac{1}{a+b\imath}[/tex].
    You could have 2 3-D graphs, [tex]z=\Re\left({\frac{1}{x+y\imath}}\right)[/tex] and [tex]z=\Im\left({\frac{1}{x+y\imath}}\right)[/tex].
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    well, i think it's not that complex since the graph i made that is correct is just one that goes down diagonally... so, it's basically the graph of x-iy since x^2 and y^2 are basically a whole number...
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    Perhaps it would be better if you explain what you are talking about! What do you mean by "basically a whole number"? And, as you were asked before, what exactly are you graphing?
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