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Homework Help: Computational Physics Project Ideas

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    I am in need of a project that needs to be based around "computational physics"

    firstly, can someone define "computational physics" for me? My best understanding is that it's the physics that have more to do with math and equations versus physical exploitations.

    secondly, does anyone have cool ideas for this project? I am completely clueless as to a question that can be answered to demonstrate computational physics.
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    Here is some intro background:


    I would think that some of the fields in computational MHD (like fusion research, etc.) would be very challenging and fascinating to work on.
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    Doh! Shredder beats me again!
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    what course is it for?

    Computational physics is just exploring some physics model/experiment with simulations.

    Topics depend on how much time you have:
    Rag-doll physics
    Educational Physics simulations for first year physics.
    Anything to do with astrophysics
    Protein folding
    Water simulations
    Turbulent flow in atmospheric stuff/geophysics stuff.
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    Time? 70 hours of time i can actually work on it, give or take a few hours. It helps that i am fast and experienced with computers though. The subject is an AP Physics course. (ie Physics 101 crap from high school) I'm quite a ways beyond the class in knowledge though.

    Thanks for the wiki, BTW.

    Oh, and we found out today that the professor wants it to answer a question, preferably.
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