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Computer Engineering and physics

  1. Oct 27, 2014 #1
    As the title says, i would like to know what is the relation on Computer Engineering with physics and how can be applied? Also is it only for making simulations or what else can be used?
    In a more specific way, could have any applications on the Acoustics field or Astrophysics?

    Thanks in Advance
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    Usually when you apply computer tech to physics it will be data crunching of test results or modeling of some equations or both to determine how close theory tracks to experiment. Both acoustics and Astrophysics rely alot on modeling of physical systems.

    Going the other direction, if you were designing a new type of computer like a quantum computer then you might want apply physics to it. Similarly, if you were designing a faster integrated circuit using new types of materials or methods then you might need to model the desing using physics to frame the model and a computer to run the simulation.
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