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Computer specs for WoW?

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    I've got a kid who wants a CPU that will support WoW. It is currently running on our home computer but it is using way too much disk space. If he's going to do nothing with this new comp except play WoW, what does he need? I know that all modern computers these days will likely have enough RAM and disk space etc. but I'd like to set some minimums so he can get one as cheap as possible and not get extras features he doesn't need.

    I'm presuming the most critical factor is the video card's speed and amount of memory.
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    I would say 2GB RAM, 80GB-120GB hard drive, 128MB-512MB video card (better if nVidia) and 3.0GHz for normal processor or 2.0 for Dual core.

    Sincerely, don't let your kid play that. I have experience in MMORPG's, I'm 16 years old and all the games almost took all my time since 10 years old. Your kid probably will say "Daddy I'll let you put parental control for timing", dont get convinced by that, those games specially WoW is a complete addiction.
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    He's 26. But thanks. :wink:
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    Well, according to several people, WoW can run off almost any kind of drive - an internal HD, external HD, even a jump drive.

    So I bought a 1/2 Tb internal SATA drive. I'm glad I planned ahead to install it, it seems my system does not have a SATA data connector. Not that I can see anyway. So I'm off to the store to get a SATA host adapter. Will I have nay troubles running the master drive (which I guess is IDE?) with a slave drive that's SATA?
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