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Computers in my LAN is not seen

  1. Dec 9, 2007 #1
    computers in my LAN is not seen !!!

    please every one ,,, i have a question ... i wish u can help me

    i have a LAN , and i can not make ping command in any copmuter in the LAN , also all of the other computer have the same problem , also i can not make sharing for folders between the computers in the LAN because i can not see them in (my network places ) .
    when i make a ping on any computer in the LAN ( even my computer ) , i get (request time out ) .....
    so ... the question is how i can see them , and share files wiyh them .
    my router ( modem ) contain an internal switch ... siemens gigaset ( SE568 ).

    please if any one can help me or has an idea ... please inform me .

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    I presume you're using windows. How many computers do you have on your LAN? Are they all in the same workgroup?
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    Can each computer browse the [external] web?

    What is the [local] IP address of each machine?
    For each Windows computer, Start-> Run...-> cmd
    at the command line.... ipconfig /all
    You're looking for something like 192.168.xxx.yyy
    Do all computers have the same "Default Gateway"?

    Can you log into the router?
    ...and see the list of attached devices?

    Are the computers running a software-based firewall?
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    Home LAN or a workplace LAN? Through a router or switch?

    If you take a simple home router and connect two PC's and they cannot ping each other you either have a wiring problem, or a firewall problem.
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    What software do you have running on the PCs? A lot of "internet security" software packages include antivirus, antispyware, and a firewall. The firewall may be enabled by default and be causing some problems.
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    I think the big shouty letters software has stopped your ability to create a workgroup.
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    mmmm ,,, thank u every one who care,, i will try all your ideas , actually these are answers for some of ur questions:
    we are just two computers in the lan
    we have the same local gateway
    i can log into the router and can see both the two attached device
    i use widows xp sp2 , and i turned off the firewall in the both two copmuters

    thank u very much .
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    I bet they're not in the same workgroup. Check the workgroup that each computer is in; if they don't coincide, then that probably explains why you can't see one from another.
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    ...but if ping fails, I think it's something other than a [Windows networking] workgroup issue.
    I wonder if there is another software-firewall running... like Norton or something.
    Check the Task Manager for any running software.

    Here's an idea...
    can you boot up something like the Knoppix LiveCD on both machines?
    ...then try to ping each machine. If that fails, then maybe there is a hardware problem. If it works, then I would look more carefully at the Windows software.
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    That's a good point. I overlooked that part of his message!
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    The router sees both does it?

    1) Download and run WinsockFix for XP
    2) With only two PC's on the LAN, install NETBEUI as well as the existing TCP/IP

    Wait one! Is File and Print sharing turned on? Have you right clicked on a folder on one PC and shared it before trying to see it from the other PC?
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