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COMSOL Data interpretation problem

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    Hey everyone,

    I have been using COMSOL to study oxygen diffusion through a membrane coupled with a surface reaction at one end of the membrane. It is a 3D cylindrical model and when I want the data values for oxygen concentration at the reaction boundary, it gives me a list of garbled values in the text file format (when i save it, that is). Now I am unable to make sense of this data and secondly, I would really appreciate it if someone could shed light on face parameters (the Oxygen concentration on the cylindrical reaction boundary surface is plotted against face parameters and I dont know how to interpret face parameters as normal x, y, z co-ordinates). And lastly, does anyone here know how COMSOL performs surface integration? (the exact algorithm used)

    Thanks for your time and help.

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    Hi S_anjeev,

    think you could post (or PM) some part of the output file? The output format has a couple of options (and can be customized if need be) and the complexity may be caused by the element topology which is often included (and often unnecessary)(at that format the output is something like "nodes,elements,data" or so). Other than that the output format typically (for a subdomain for example) is "coordinates, data".

    At what point are you thinking about the surface integration ........ PDE solution, post-processing, coupling etc.? There are different routines available.
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