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Conceptual physics

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    Hi there, I've found some conceptual physics which i am confused about. Can anyone help me out?

    1) Let's say if a particle is moving along an expanding spiral in a manner that the particle's normal acceleration remains constant. How will the linear and angular velocities change in the process?

    2) If a vessel filled with water is moving horizontal with constant acceleration, ω. What shape will the surface of the liquid have?

    3)Let's say if a vaccuum cleaner standing on the floor turns through a small angle when the switched is on and then stops. Why does that happen?

    Please kindly suggest your opinions! Thanks.
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    Ummh ….
    Ans 1) A particle when moving along a spiral path is constantly undergoing acceleration as it is continuously changing its direction. also when the spiral is expanding
    I guess that by "normal acceleration" you mean angular acceleration …? linear velocity may remain constant but angular velocity will definitely reduce in this scenario as the radius in increasing.

    Ans 2) The vessel is moving with constant acceleration (not constant velocity) so the shape of the liquid surface would be backward tilted slope {\ } because of inertia.

    Ans 3) Vacuum cleaner turning … ? well this may just be a case of conservation of angular momentum ….because of motor turning…. something similar to how rockets and missiles navigate inspite of only one thrust outlet and no ports to change the direction.
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