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Confused on Electron Double slit experment

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    Hello. Just to set things straight this is my first post here and im also a complete nube when it comes to things this confusing. I started reading a book called "the elegant universe" by Brian Greene. So far I think the book is great but im stumped on one part of the book. Its the part when he starts talking about the double slit experment with electrons. I understand that with photons but I get confused when he starts talking about electrons. On how even if you shoot one by one you still get an interference pattern. Im a 10th grade student so im not taught this in school yet but from what I read there are some preety smart people here. I was just woundering if anyone could give me some links(because i dont think anyone wants to tell me exactly how electrons make an interference pattern)on explaining this stuff. I have tried lots of different websites and thier all to hard for me to understand. any help would be great. I just feel like I cant go on in the book untill I understand how electrons make a pattern like the way they do on that photopaper stuff. All I know is that they are a particle and a wave but after that im dead lost.:confused:
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    Welcome to Physics Forums and to the "crazy" world of quantum mechanics. My advise for you is to stop reading this book right now. You can read popular science books for entertainment, but they will produce more questions, confusion, and frustration, than truly enlightening answers.

    I would recommend you to find a basic textbook on quantum mechanics and start to study it systematically. It is even better to find a few textbooks and read them in parallel. Quantum mechanics is a difficult subject, and I cannot think of a single textbook that explains it clearly. Moreover, people still keep arguing what quantum mechanics is about. So, looking at it from different points of view is definitely a plus.

    The best place to look for explanation of the double-slit experiment is in Feynman's books. There are also fascinating videos of his lectures on YouTube.

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    first of all u have to know about the interference.This is a wave phenomenon.First read about it from google then u will understand better.
    Now,after u read intefernce,the de broglie hypothesis says that all particles have wave phenomenon and their wavelenght is by \=h/p.so electrons are waves and once they r waves they ought to show the wave phenomenon that is interference and a lot more.
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