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Homework Help: Confusing Pressure Problem

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    1. [1pt]

    A student has a glass coffee table in their dorm room that they want to stack some of their books on. However they are a little worried about how much pressure the table can withstand at any one point.

    If the pile of books has a mass of 11.20 kg, a length of 27.94 cm, a width of 20.32 cm, and
    a height of 30.12 cm, how much pressure (N/m2) must the table be able to withstand at any place
    where the books are placed ?

    Enter a numerical answer only, do not enter units.

    This question is confusing, I know that Pressure = force / area. I dont think a formula that can relate the variables above with formula. Plz help
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    You are able to calculate area, and you know the mass. Since the force of the books will be the result of gravity, you have all the information needed to answer this question.
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    oh I see, i got the answer, thank you. I got confuse because i thought i have to use height too
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