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Congratulations To Evo

  1. Apr 1, 2006 #1
    Congratulations To Evo!!!

    General Discussion Mentor Evo has just e-mailed me from Centralis General Hospital in Centralis, Kansas to announce she has given birth to a 6lb , 6.6oz baby boy. I hope everyone will join in in extending her their congratulations!
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    Congratulations also to the father. I'm sure he would be very happy also if he knew......

    <ZapperZ runs and hides....>

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    Evo mentioned she's somewhat curious about his identity, too. She often can't remember things between taking her ambien and falling asleep.
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    One of the nurses has woven little cloven booties for his tiny hooves. :smile:

    Is it just a coincidence that PF was sold at the exact moment of the little devil's birth?
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    :rofl: (stupid 10 character limit!)
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    I'm sure we're all wondering what you're going to name him in the spirit of his sisters Child of Evo, and Spawn of Evo. Any decisions yet?
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    I don't believe it
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    Congrats Evo and Company! :biggrin:

    Now, no more pickles and ice cream!

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    Ivan Seeking

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    It was foretold in the scriptures: ...and when the place of many silent voices is consumed by the great winged warrior, a virgin shall give birth to boy whose number is measured as 666.
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    Thank You! I haven't been this happy since my 665th child, Adolf, was born.

    To those of you that didn't bother to send a card or flowers, I will remember on your day of judgement :grumpy:

    Yours forever in eternal damnation,

    PS - Evo, why haven't you returned my calls :confused::grumpy:
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