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A Connect two objects with visible light

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    I play cricket as a hobby, we have to mark the boundary.
    And we use cones to mark it(http://www.rkme.com/wp-content/uploads/product/cricket/CPR-08.jpg)
    Having it in limited number results in confrontation whether it is out of boundary or not.

    I am looking for solution for you guys.
    According to me possible solution can be, connecting two cones with visible light.
    Which can be done using:
    1. Sunlight reflecting
    2. LED lights

    Unfortunately I am not physics pro, so don't know how to go ahead with that.

    I am open to other solutions too.
    I appreciate detailed plan on how we can connect two cricket boundary cones.


    Best Regards.
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    Maybe you could use a hawk-eye type thing, like they do in football (goal-line technology)
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    Some clubs use a thick rope to mark the boundary. This cause a ball rolling on the ground to be kicked up giving s clear indication that it reached the boundary.
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