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Connecting different types of solar panels together

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    Dear Experts

    I like to check with you , if I have 3 solar panels : 3v polycrystaline, 0.5v monocrystaline and other types of solar panel at 12v, and I connect them in series. Any side effects? Is it not advisable?

    I am assuming that there will be no problem and all the voltages will just add up without any problem.

    Please advise. Thank you very much.

    Warm regards
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    Mostly they just add. There can be issues with current however where the lowest capacitor cell defines the maximum current of all of them together.
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    Thanks Jsgruszynski :).

    Interesting nick, by the way ;)
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    I believe there could be an issue. If you try to pass more current than a cell is designed for then won't you get over-heating?
    On multiple panel PV arrays they put diodes across each unit so that it will still pass current even if it's shaded. This sounds like a similar thing.
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