What is Solar panels: Definition and 60 Discussions

A solar panel, or photo-voltaic (PV) module, is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. A collection of PV modules is called a PV panel, and a system of panels is an array. Arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to electrical equipment.

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  1. J

    Solar panels, Carrington Event

    Has any research been done to determine the effect a Carrington Event (or close) solar flare would affect solar panels?
  2. amazingjoe

    Could you use Solar to power a DC to AC Inverter? (Description below)

    I'd like to take Solar Panel power output and use it to power an AC outlet on the ultra-cheap. I know a lot of people use Solar to connect to a purpose built inverter and also have a battery somewhere in the mix to provide a stable output but wondering if the following (using the assumptions...
  3. Cerenkov

    Could cymatics keep Martian dust off solar panels?

    Hello. I went to my local astronomy club last night and the subject of diminished solar power caused by dust came up in conversation. We looked at images of the Insight mission and these showed a significant build up of said dust. This got me thinking. Could the solar panels of future Mars...
  4. B

    Why Are Solar Panels 21-22% efficient? How can efficiency improved?

    How efficient are solar panels? How can their efficiency improve? Besides their benefits, what are the ecological impacts of solar energy?
  5. AN630078

    Solar Panels and Solar Radiation Flux Density Help - Very Confused

    Question 1; a) P=E/t E=5.796*10^7 J energy produced per day during the summer However, I am not certain how to calculate the time period, since although this concerns the energy produced per day, the sun does not shine for the entire duration of this 24 hour period. Also, I am unsure of the...
  6. Mayan Fung

    How to get maximal power output from solar panels in reality

    I learned that solar panels have their maximal power output at a particular voltage and current level. If we want to get the max power, we have to connect a load with a specific resistance. However, in reality, how does the solar plants solve this problem? I guess they won't allow the power...
  7. R

    How Do Solar Panels Perform Under Different Loads and Light Intensities?

    Hello, I am looking at using solar panels to accomplish two things: -I want to power a heating element submerged in a water tank to act as a thermal battery for heating a chicken coop -I want to also charge a relatively small 12V battery by connecting the panels to charge controller...
  8. travellinglee

    How to put solar panels on top of my RV

    I want to put solar panels on top of my RV, getting the panels to move in order to track the sun make them nearly 40% more efficient than being static. I have worked out the electronics to control the motors to move the panels by programming an arduino board with light sensors etc but I need...
  9. A

    Choose the Best Material for a Glass/Glass PV/T System

    Hello! I am a materials engineering BSc student currently writing my bachelor thesis. The topic of my thesis is regarding the PV/T system and the best material choice for the interface between the glass/glass PV module and the heat mat. I would appreciate any ideas for material with best thermal...
  10. A

    What is the optimal material for the interface of a PV/T system?

    Hello! I am a materials engineering BSc student currently writing my bachelor thesis. The topic of my thesis is regarding the PV/T system and the best material choice for the interface between the glass/glass PV module and the heat mat. I would appreciate any ideas for material with best thermal...
  11. R

    Can a Carbon Dioxide Vent on a Mars Rover Solve Dust Buildup on Solar Panels?

    i'v googled the subject and it seems like a serious problem, e.g. the dust accumulating on the solar panels, there has even been a term coined 'cleaning event' for Mars winds, as if this is a matter of luck to get the solar panels cleaned. A small carbon-dioxide vent on the tip of the rover...
  12. Noisy Rhysling

    Can Transparent Solar Panels Power Skyscrapers in the Future?

    Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future' https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/10/171023123526.htm Date: October 23, 2017 Source: Michigan State University Summary: See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped...
  13. D

    How Can You Build an Affordable Solar Panel?

    Hi, is there anyone can help me how to build a solar panel in a very affordable price?
  14. B

    What is the largest capacity battery I can charge from my 2.5kW solar panels?

    I have solar panels fitted, with a capacity of 2.4 -2.5 kW. I am considering buying lithium battery storage for evening use. What would be the largest battery system I could charge from this setup?
  15. Brandon91man

    Electrical DIY Solar Power System: Questions & Answers

    Hello, I've been building my own solar panel system and throughout this process I've accumulated a lot of questions. If anyone could help answer them I would greatly appreciate it! First I'll start off explaining what I have. A polycrystalline solar panel 17V 2.2A and a mono crystalline panel...
  16. Jarro

    Stirling engine against solar panels

    Hello, Since childhood, I have been wondering why it is not possible to make miniature electric motors with pistons and gas container covered with a very dark (meaning high absorption coefficient over a wide spectral width) material that would translate the energy of sunlight directly into...
  17. P

    Solar panels vs reflecting surface?

    Assuming that a black solar panel has an efficiency of 20%. This energy could be used instead of burning oil and decreasing CO2 emission. But the black color also accumulates a significant amount of the solar energy into heat locally on planet surface. Comparing this with a white panel (non...
  18. G

    Using Solar panels for energy conversion?

    Hi guys I am working on a project in which i use solar panels to drive a pair of headphones my main question is what kind of solar panels would you guys recommend? that could help with this kind of project
  19. C

    Another Travesty of Science - Rejecting Solar Panels For....

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-town-rejects-solar-panels-amid-fears-they-suck-up-all-the-energy-from-the-sun-a6771526.html Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
  20. clicia

    Where Can I Find Resources for Studying the Physics of Solar Panels?

    Hello, I am considering to do a phD in solar panels, because it seems to connect areas I've been studying for a while. I am almost a chemical Engineer with master in physics and Science/Technology Bachelor. I'd like to do some on solar panels connected to physics, like quantum dot or something...
  21. Destruct_

    Solar panels -- connect as parallel circuit or series circuit?

    Hey, I have searched in the internet for the good or the negative points for a parallel- or a series circuit with a solar cell. But i didnt find something. I mean what is the difference when i connect many solar cells to a solar panel? What is better? A parallel or an series circuit? I know...
  22. S

    Optimizing PV Solar Panel Efficiency with Wavelength Absorption and Reflection

    Hi, I am wondering if all the different wavelengths (ie colors) of light are absorbed by a PV panel, and if so is the absorption equal among all the wavelengths? Is there any wavelength(s) that are more readily reflected off the glass or the PV cell itself? Thanks a lot! Scott
  23. 2

    Engineering Question about dc to ac circuits in solar panels?

    Homework Statement It can be shown that a square wave can be represented by a sum of sine waves as given by the formula below v = v0sinωot + v1sinω1t + v2sinω2t + v3sinω3t +... Solar cells have an output that is dc. The pd across a cell depends on the incident radiation and the efficiency of...
  24. Domenico94

    Solar panels and optical parametric oscillator

    Hi everyone. On these days, by watching solar panels and similar stuff, I just thought about it, and why they take such a wide surface to produce energy, and why their output is often low, as we all know. By navigating here on the internet, I've just seen a device called OPO (Optical...
  25. H

    Solar panels on the top of a vehicle

    I have project in which I have to come up with the ideas of improving the efficiency of a car (electric). For now I'm considering a hybrid electric car that has more than one power sources to run a vehicle. I came up with an idea that building solar panels on the roof of a vehicle can be one of...
  26. S

    Selection of solar panels and batteries

    is there any procedure ( formulae ) to select the power rating of solar panels and ampere hour rating of batteries ?
  27. R

    Net Metering: Phase Matching for Solar Panels

    I was reading up on net metering, where the electric utility allows one to feed back excess generation by solar panels etc. onto the distribution network. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_metering One question I had is, is it fairly easy to match phase for such inverters with the grid...
  28. Z

    Energy transfer in solar panels

    Compound A has an albedo value (visible spectrum) of 0.08, and an emissivity (infrared) of 0.08. Compound B has an albedo value of 0.04 and an emissivity of 0.88, in the same spectrums. We need to explain why A is more effective at transferring energy to the water flowing behind it, when...
  29. R

    Solar Panels: Improving performance at low sun angles

    I have a sailboat with 2 solar panels installed. They work well, except at the end of the season when the days are shorter, the nights are longer and the sun is lower, so I built a mechanism to tilt and rotate the panels so that they could be pointed directly at the sun. With low sun angles I...
  30. P

    Plot IV Curves for Solar Panels Easily

    hi Guys, can anyone suggest me some software by which i can plot IV curve for solar panels by just feeding in open circuit voltage, short circuit current, max power, max current and voltage, efficiency.
  31. K

    Do all radiations work on solar panels?

    Lets say you make a huge laser , can i work on Solar Panels to convert it to electrical energy.
  32. R

    Connecting different types of solar panels together

    Dear Experts I like to check with you , if I have 3 solar panels : 3v polycrystaline, 0.5v monocrystaline and other types of solar panel at 12v, and I connect them in series. Any side effects? Is it not advisable? I am assuming that there will be no problem and all the voltages will just...
  33. R

    Solar panels - Direct charging and battery life

    Dear Experts There are solar charging devices in the market for electronic devices. These contain some electronics which I suppose is to regulate the power or as controller. Lets say I have a 6 volts device and I have a solar panel rated at 6v. If without any electronic controller...
  34. S

    Solar panels and piezoelectric discs

    I'm making a circuit using piezoelectric discs and i wanted to attach solar panels in parallel as well in order to increase amperes of the circuit. However, when put in conjunction the piezoelectric discs seem to have no effect on the circuit, when previously they had been contributing 5 or more...
  35. S

    A few questions about light, solar panels, and electric currents.

    Hello, my name is Stefan and I am a twelfth grade high school student working on an extracurricular project which I will present and be ranked(individually; non-competitively) on. I hope to achieve the best possible score and plan to put a lot of work into it. I have a little over a month, which...
  36. R

    MPPT systems + Solar Panels major doubts

    I'm working in the Power Systems team of CubeSAT. It is concerned with building a small student satellite with dimensions of 10x10cm. Our basic block diagram is as follows Solar panels-> In parallel Shunt Regulator -> Buck Converter->PRU (MAX8934A)->DC-DC Converters->Loads The shunt...
  37. G

    Solar panels and radar in Earth's orbit

    Hello, I am planning to design, and maybe build, a CubeSat, or a satellite that is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, and weighs less than about 1.5 kg. I am looking to have 6 solar panels on the cube, one on each face, and also have a full 360º in all directions radar, along with a GPS and some radio...
  38. nukeman

    These Homemade Solar Panels .Do they even work?

    These "Homemade" Solar Panels...Do they even work? http://solarpanelhandyman.com/uncategorized/how-to-make-a-diy-solar-panel-simple-steps/" I am trying to figure out a project to make for a class of mine, where we have to build a "Green" type system, bla bla... Has anyone ever tried? Do...
  39. F

    Boost Your Energy Efficiency: Discover the Benefits of Floating Solar Panels

    http://www.scientiaweb.com/2011/03/04/floating-solar-panels/ Sea is the place where they should be but too far from power grids :|
  40. Eagle9

    Energy from solar panels and electro motor

    As known, the Earth receives that solar radiation and its value approximately is equal to 1.4 W/m² (data taken from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_radiation ). Now imagine that there is some electric motor placed in the Earth’s orbit and it rotates the rod with some certain mass (let’s...
  41. P

    Efficiency of solar panels: Earth vs Space

    First of all, if this should have went in the Engineering section, I'm sorry... I wasn't sure where to write this post. If a solar panel on Earth's surface can gather say 100W/m^2 in full sunlight, how much would the same solar panel be able to gather in space, outside of Earth's atmosphere...
  42. S

    Why Are Solar Panels So Inefficient?

    Hey guys, I am a complete beginner in the field of electrical engineering so please bare with me in this discussion. It is my understanding that; 1) The Earth absorbs 3,850,000 exajoules in solar energy every year, which means that if we could harness even 50% of the suns power for just one...
  43. H

    Powering a small fan with solar panels

    I would like to power a duct booster fan (which I believe uses little energy) using solar panels. The store website says the fan runs at .35 Amps. The solar panel would get direct sunlight for about 3 hours a day and indirect sunlight the rest of the day. I would like the fan to run at least...
  44. T

    Top Solar Panels for Optimal Energy Efficiency

    What are the best solar panels in the market today?
  45. N

    DC Motor connected directly with solar panels

    Hello, I have many time thought about AC & DC Motors, but have not yet find out. Example. if a motor of 4HP 48VDC. We give it power 48VDC but 1HP power, so what happens? And what if we connect it directly with solar panels of 48VDC and 4HP power. So when sunshine is lower how it will...
  46. K

    Can I Power a GEYSER with Calculator Solar Panels?

    If i connect 76 solar panels (3v each) (that are found in calculators) together can i generate voltage of about 230v DC? if i connect this voltage to a GEYSER of 220v-240v AC does the GEYSER work
  47. C

    Replace solar panels by thermopiles

    i was thinking- how about replacing solar panels by thermopiles for street lighting and using the sewers as a heat sink. they don't have to be doped and so are cheaper. any reason why this idea hasn't been used before?
  48. W

    Solar Flux Equation for Solar Panels

    looking for a solar flux equation that is related to solar panels, mainly Flux = rate/area and rate = quantity/time then Flux =w/m^2 now w= (work or watts??) If it is work then work = watts? Im not sure, now!
  49. B

    Utilization Factor In solar panels

    Hey all. Im currently doing some research into renewable's and have come across a value known as U whose units are kWh/m^2. The comment next to it simply states it as the utilzation factor. Now I've looked in several books and of course ovia the internet but i can't seem to find a meaning...
  50. L

    Connecting solar panels to a battery-operated mini fan

    Is it possible to connect solar panels to a mini hand held fan and making it run on both rechargeable batteries and solar panels? I'm sorry if it's vague. i need to make a hand held fan that runs automatically on solar panels (when there's sun) and on its rechargeable batteries (when there's no...