Considering becoming a computer engineer

  1. I'm exploring different career fields and a computer engineer sounds really appealing to me. The problem is, I don't think I have what it takes to become an engineer. I'm basically retarded with building things... for example, if you gave me a bed to assemble with the directions, i probably still wouldn't be able to do it... yeah, i'm that bad.

    So should I even consider any engineering profession?

    Be honest guys. Trust me you won't hurt my feelings. If i'm not suited for this job, i'd rather find out now than later.
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  3. Is the problem a lack of coordination or a lack of attention to detail? If you're a klutz, you could still be a fine engineer. Most computer engineers sit in cubes and do very little physically... actual assembly is a technician's job.

    On the other hand, if you think your problem is an inability to think logically and pay attention to details... yes, engineering would probably be a poor choice. Maybe you should consider marketing? :smile:
  4. well, i'm good at math and science... so it's probably the first? i hope? lol
  5. If you haven't already, try to learn a little bit of programming. See if you like it, and see if you feel that you have any aptitude for it.

    Computer engineering is more than just programming, of course, but even a lot of hardware design is similar to programming these days thanks to languages like Verilog. If you find it difficult or tedious, you might want to consider another line of work...
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