Constant acceleration of baseball problem

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Homework Statement

"The fastest measured pitched baseball left the pitcher's hand at the speed of 45 m/s. If the pitcher was in contact with the ball over a distance of 1.50m and produced constant acceleration, (a) what acceleration did he give the ball, and (b) how much time did it take him to pitch it?"

- I am doing this problem as part of my studying and I don't think that the textbook gives an answer to it. I am wondering if I did it correctly... Thanks!

- Assume one-dimensional motion.

Homework Equations

x is displacement (because my professor likes to use x for that).
x = ((vi + vf) / 2)t
a = (vf - vi) / t

The Attempt at a Solution

vf = 45 m/s
v0 = 0 m/s
x = 1.5m
x = (45 + 0)/2 *t
x = 22.5t
1.5 / 22.5 = t
t ≈ .067

a = 45m/s / .067s
a ≈ 671.642 m/s2

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