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Constellations of the zodiac

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    It is 20th October.

    1. Does a point on Earth scans through all the twelve Zodiac constellations in 24Hrs?
    2. Why a zodiac constellation is attached to a certain month? For example, today, on 20th October, Sun is in which Zodiac constellation? Libra?
    3. Can I observe this with naked eyes?
    [STRIKE]4. How a child born in a certain month is attached to a certain zodiac?[/STRIKE]
    5. Where could I see all the zodiac constellations on internet, photos/videos etc.? I googled but couldn't find anywhere.
    6. Is the angle between each zodiac exactly 30 degrees?
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    Re: Astrology Questions

    Apologies, MIH, will attempt more specific answers.
    1. No
    2. The orbital plane of earth does the pointing.
    3. Yes
    4. Huh?
    5. Equator
    6 No.
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    I've restored this thread to give the OP the benefit of the doubt. Please ensure the conversation remains grounded in Astronomy.
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    I have found one link. Looks like it is not possible to see the present zodiac constellation by naked eyes. At that time SUN will be in full brightness. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    http://www.physics.hku.hk/~nature/CD/regular_e/lectures/images/chap03/zodiac.jpg [Broken]

    However 180 degree opposite constellations can be viewed at night.
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