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Convert Divergence equation into matrix form

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1
    Dear All,
    I am working on electrical modeling which I cannot change divergence to matrix form to solve it with finite difference or finite element, anybody can help me?

    J Current density
    E Electrical fi eld
    I Current source

    J = σE (1)
    J = ρ^(-1)1 E (2)
    E = −∇v(x,y,z) (3)
    ∇ · J = I δ(x − xp) δ(y − yp) δ(z − zp) (4)
    ∇ · (ρ^(-1) ∇v(x,y,z)) = −I δ(x − xp) δ(y − yp) δ(z − zp) (5)

    question is how to solve equation (5) with FD and / or FE methods?
    Appreciate your help.
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