Converting from base-2 to base-16

  1. How does one convert a number like 0.01011001012 to a base-16 system?

    I know how to do for ex. 100011102, but the comma (or period confuses me)...
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    Conversion between binary and hex integers is pretty easy - each group of four binary digits, starting from the left, can be written as a single hex digit.

    Converting binary fractions is almost as easy. Starting at the "binary" point, each group of four binary digits represents a power of 1/16. The first four digits to the right of the point are 0101, or 5 in hex, and continue in the same pattern. The first hex digit represents sixteenths, the next represents 256th-s (1/(162), and so on.
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  4. next number is 9?
  5. 0.594?
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    0.1 - base 2 would be 1/2 = 0.5

    Is 0.0101100101 - base 2 greater than or less than 0.1 - base 2?
  7. i meant 0.59416

    0.01011001012 = 0.59416 ?
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    Looks good.
  9. Thanks!
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