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Converting joules into a measureable mass (lbs of weight)

  1. Oct 17, 2012 #1
    It has been a long time since I have emersed myself in physics but I am trying to write a labview program that takes into account distance, speed, mass to calculate the KE of an activity such as running a mile or shorter distances like 40 yards. With the KE I am having trouble figuring out how to convert the joules from calculating KE into mass (lbs of weight) which I will use the mass to develop a structured weight training program to test upon myself. Do you have any suggestions?
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    I'm not clear just what your objective is.

    KE has nothing to do with distance....KE = 1/2mv2......nor does it take into
    account acceleration in which I suspect you may be interested.

    You know from experience running up hill is very different from running downhill....that's because potential energy as well as KE is involved....is that a consideration for you? Even a sloped treadmill is more difficult to run.

    Biological activity, if that is what you seek, is often measured in calories.....related of course to joules since both are measures of energy.

    KE is not quite the measure unless you make adjustments you want because sitting still you'll still burn calories. I seem to recall an average adult gives of about 400 BTU per hour...whatever the figure, it's sometimes used to calculated air conditioning requirements in large rooms ..

    try here...and see if any of the links are helpful.....

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