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Converting magnetic field strength into a vectorial distance.

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    Hey guys,
    I trying to work out this formula for work. We have a magnetic solenoid that is suspended a certain distance from a sensor tool. This sensor has 3 magnetometers that measure the field strength in Bx,By,Bz directions. The magnetic solenoid is run with a constant current of 0.75A. We have software that will take these values, along with the Ax,Ay,Az, Inclination and Azimuth readings and tell us the distance in N/S and E/W. eg: 10m N, 5m W.

    I need to work out how this is calculated and was hoping someone here could be of assistance.
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    anyone? maybe even just rough idea. I been trawling through the maths for 2 days now n cant seem to get anywhere.
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    hmm, well thats not very helpful is it. :\
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    The forum is usually pretty helpful, but you should include a attempt at your solution and relevant equations also. You'll be more likely to get a response.
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