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Cooling heated gas under pressure with water

  1. Mar 20, 2009 #1
    If I have a spherical container with volume 10 in^3 filled with air at 1000 F and 100 psi pressure and the container is thermally insulated, how much water (initial T=10 F) I need to inject inside this container to reduce the temperature to 500 F? What would the final pressure inside the container be (The air will reduce pressure due to the cooling, but the water will increase the pressure due to turning into steam)?
    I know this is very difficult, so I am looking for approximated and simplified ways to get some ball park numbers.
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    Welcome to the PF. What is the application? Is there only air inside initially? Why are you cooling with water?
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    Hi Berkeman, gald to be here,
    There is no application. The question is theorethical. I am working on a problem involved something of comressed heated gas, but it's so complex to explain. This simple example , if answered, will give me the understanding I need to complete my complex project.
    Actualy the air in my question in reality is mixture of 10:1 air and alchohol which is then heated inside the container and because of the heating increased the pressure.
    I thought air only would make the job easy for the people trying to help me here.
    All numbers are not as the real situation but made up for easy calculation.
    Appreciate your reply
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    Oh I missed a question.
    I must use water for the cooling. This requirement came from the customer.
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