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Cooling of Electronics Cabinet

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    Hello, I am trying to cool down an electronics cabinet using air at various conditions (Temperature). The cabinet contains components on the inside and each has an inlet and an outlet. The outlet is a circle hole or "orifice". I need to determine the size of the orifice to achieve an outlet uniform temperature of 140°F. How do I go about determining the orifice size? (The air is entering at 70°F and the component is producing heat due to electronics) Thanks for your help.
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    There are several things to consider for sizing electronics cabinet cooling:

    Is your air flow forced (with a fan) or natural circulation?

    What is the temperature limit of electronic components?

    What size is your cabinet? What is the material?

    What is the rating of the cabinet (e.g. NEMA 4X)?

    What is the material?

    What is the heat load of your electrical components? Was the 140 degF outlet temperature based on the heat load?

    Is this indoor or outdoor application? If outdoor, where is the installation? Is it sun shaded?

    What is the design maximum ambient temperature?

    Try to list as many of these as you can, and we can go from there !
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