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Corona loss in bundled conductors

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    can anyone tell me that how to calculate corona power loss for bundled conductor? I need formulae of it.
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    I googled corona power loss, and got lots of hits. Unfortunately, almost all of them are for abstracts of papers that you would need to purchase to download. But if you look at the journals that they were published in, you may have those journals available for check-out at your University's technical library. Here's the hit list for you to look over:


    It appears that there are a number of different methods to do these calculations.
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    I've also searched, but i couldn't find any free article.
    As we know if we increase the distance between comductors, corona loss decreases, but i wanna know that what will happen if v change the distance between conductor in same bundle?
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    check this pdf document http://www.tripledoubleyou.com/zaius/damper.pdf [Broken].
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    There should not be any corona loss in bundled conductors.
    Corona creates something like acid and if there is any corona, most solid insulators will fail.
    Corona in air only damages the air and insulators. The air is replaced with other air and the material used for insulators is resistant to corona.
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    What is your geometry (number of conductors, insulation, spacing), voltage levels, and frequency?

    Bob S
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